Los Patos 2634 (CABA) - Tel.: (54-11) 2069-3765 y 2076-3366 - spacecourier@spacecourier.com.ar

Space courier is a national service company, attuned to the needs of the modern market, for which efficiency, versatility, seriousness and personalized customer service are the sure formula for a serious and lasting relationship.

We have the experience of many years in the international market and a permanent update in logistics and transport, forming an active part of a vast network of agents throughout the world that allows us to provide you with an excellent service for your shipments of documentation and samples through a DOOR TO DOOR, DOOR-AIRPORT AND/OR AIRPORT-AIRPORT system.

We have our own space at the Ezeiza airport, which facilitates our import and export operations, speeding up the times corresponding to customs procedures and the security in the handling of the pieces received and dispatched.

We have the necessary infrastructure that allows us to carry out the appropriate administrative and operational monitoring of each dispatched piece, which also ensures that you have the corresponding delivery confirmation for each of your shipments.

Likewise, we can offer not only the express service via COURIER, but also the AIR CARGO, MARITIME service, including customs clearance and all the necessary procedures to realize your export and/or import.

Also, we take care of the export and import of SAMPLES FOR DIAGNOSIS, MEDICINES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, VACCINES, FROZEN/REFRIGERATED FOODS AND AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, being able to provide you with the adequate packaging required by ICAO/IATA/UN standards for this type of merchandise, and the necessary elements for the maintenance of the cold chain.

We provide standard packaging at no additional cost and of high quality in different formats and sizes that protect your merchandise without adding weight and/or volume, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, we have our packaging department, where you will receive the necessary advice so that your packages, by air and/or land, arrive in good condition. In case the merchandise requires special packaging, you can also use your own boxes.

To all of the above we must add the high training of our operating personnel and the constant search for the most convenient and economical routes for the transportation and delivery of your shipments.

Contact us if you have any doubt.